Periodontitis: Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

Hain Diagnostics supports you in maximizing the rate of therapeutic success by identification of the most important risk factors for the progression of periodontitis. Marker pathogen analyses and risk determination with micro-IDent®plus is a valuable tool to validate the results of your initial clinical diagnosis.

Marker pathogen analyses with

This state-of-the-art molecular biological assay allows individual and thus more effective periodontal treatment. The test results support therapeutic decisions, including the selection of adjunctive antibiotics as well as optimum follow-up intervals or prophylactic measures. In addition, our diagnostics are essential tools in the risk assessment prior to costly and time-consuming restorations and in the documentation of therapeutic success. Find out what the most current diagnostics can do for your day-to-day practice. You will be surprised, how rapid, easy, and safe success can be achieved!

Successful periodontitis treatment is surprisingly simple!
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