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micro-IDent®plus sample kitMarker pathogen analyses with micro-IDent®plus supply data on quality and quantity of 11 periodontopathogenic species and their affiliation to "bacterial complexes". The result of this pooled sample provides information on the pathogen load independent from their localization and represents the optimum basis for an individual therapy which is normally a combination of mechanical forms of therapy and adjunctive systemic or local antibiotic administration. This allows you to significantly increase the success rate of the therapy while the relapse rate is dramatically reduced.

Guidelines for sampling

  • Kit contents: 5 sterile paper points, 1 transfer tube, 1 order form, 1 envelope. For minimum shelf life see bottom of package.
  • Prior to sampling, the supra-gingival plaque should be removed with a sterile curette and the site of sampling should be dried with a sterile cotton roll.
  • Using a pair of sterile forceps insert one paper point at a time into the pre-defined sites, down to the base of the pocket. Leave the paper point in this position for 10 seconds. For a multi-site sample up to five paper points with samples from single gingival pockets can be pooled in the transfer tube.
  • Transfer the paper points to the transfer tube. Record the sites of sampling and maximum pocket depth on the order form.
  • Use the blue box for combined shipment of transfer tube and completed order form. Insert box into the pre-paid envelope and mail it to Hain Diagnostics. Test results will be returned within a few days of receipt.
  • Since the analysis is DNA-based, no special terms of transport must be observed. However, a long-lasting shipment (e.g over a weekend or bank holiday) should be avoided. If necessary, store sample in a refrigerator until a speedy shipment can be ensured.

Guidelines for sampling
Successful periodontitis treatment is surprisingly simple!
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