Periodontitis: a multifactorial infectious disease – the most important risk factors can be determined rapidly and easily by molecularbiological testing.

Marker pathogen analysis with micro-IDent®plus

micro-IDent®plus sample kitMarker pathogen analyses with micro-IDent®plus supply data on quality and quantity of 11 periodontopathogenic species and their affiliation to so-called "bacterial complexes". The result of this pooled sample provides information on the pathogen load independent from their localization and represents the optimum basis for an individual therapy which is normally a combination of mechanical forms of therapy and adjunctive systemic or local antibiotic administration. This allows you to significantly increase the success rate of the therapy while the relapse rate is dramatically reduced.

Additional the test is a valuable tool for the optimization of follow-up and prophylaxis intervals and for the risk determination prior to extensive implant restorations.

Successful periodontitis treatment is surprisingly simple!